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MAN 4441 Florida State University Conflict Management Case Study


Case Scenario

You and two of your close friends have agreed to room together for the upcoming academic year (fall and spring of 2022/2023). This will be the first time the three of you have lived together. While everyone seems to be excited about the prospect of living together disagreements are starting to surface. Your friends are beginning to disagree on the type of dwelling (apartment, house, and condo) and the location (how close to campus). You are ambivalent about the type of dwelling but would like to stay as close to campus as possible. One of your friends is more concerned about keeping costs low and therefore willing to live further away from campus. Your other friend wants a room to themselves and prefers to be closer to campus so paying a little more is not a concern. Beyond wanting to be close to campus they are open to most other things. However, both of your friends indicated they can handle living in a house, apartment, condo or other domicile but neither want to live in a “dump” or “run down” housing.  

Both of your friends are generally agreeable people but in this situation your friends have shown some different sides of their personality because they are placing firm limitations on certain things. You have always been the mediator in most conflicts between the three of you and it looks like you are in this situation again. However, you also have your own interests that you don’t want to sacrifice (note: you have flexibility here based on your own personal desires for living arrangements). How will you handle this conflict through a specific negotiated approach? (This final question does not have to be answered.

The final product will be 5 different paragraph with 1 per question. All the information needed it here and outside sources are ONLY needed to find extra info on TERMS RELATED to the Case/Powerpoint.

Your task is to answer the following questions:

(1) Identify and describe the type of conflict, including the sub-type categories, and the severity of the potential or actual conflict. Choose From LECTURE POWERPOINT CONFLICTS*** **

(2) describe the core issues and interests of each party (be descriptive and clear in your explanation) 

(3) describe at least three factors such as environmental, contextual, and/or personality factors (e.g., conflict style, personality type/trait, historical relationship factors, parental influence/involvement, financial ability) that may contribute to the conflict if not managed appropriately, **Select 3 out of these** 

(4) develop a negotiation strategy to resolve the conflict. You must document at least four alternative options to be considered. Include pricing of various options, location details – housing options distance in miles, etc. The options cannot be general statements of what you would talk about but rather researched options available in the marketplace. This will require you to research types of options, rental costs, alternative transportation, etc. 

(5) explain why this is the most appropriate approach to take. You must support your rationale with information from the texts, lectures, or supplemental information. 

The approach can be distributive, integrative, or a combination (i.e. hybrid approach). The important aspect is that you describe in detail which approach you are taking and document your procedural plan for attaining resolution. For example, if you choose to use distributive negotiation you must detail what the approach steps are and how you will use the strategies you have been exposed to in the class and in the reading. You must be specific NOT general in your plan description.


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