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CC Installations and Plumbing Works Management Problem


Mrs. Mills and her husband, Don, are planning their dream house.

The lot for the house sits high on a hill with a beautiful view of Ramsey Lake in Sudbury.

The plans show the size of the house to be 3,500 square feet.

The average price for a lot and house similar to this one has been $175 per square foot.

Given this information, how much would the house cost to Mr and Mrs Mills?Problem 10 continued.

  • Don Mills is a retired plumber and feels he can save money by installing the plumbing himself.
  • Mrs. Mills feels she can take care of the interior decorating.
  • Mr and Mrs Mills believe they can complete the exterior painting with the help of their two sons.
25% Excavation and framing complete
8% Roof and fireplace complete
3% Wiring roughed in
7% Plumbing roughed in
4% Siding on
17% Windows, insulation, walks, plaster, and garage complete
9% Furnace installed
4% Fixtures installed
6% Exterior painting completed
3% Light fixtures installed; finish hardware installed
5% Carpet and trim installed
5% Interior decorating
4% Floors laid and finished
100% Total

Estimate how much will the Mills family save if use their talents? Estimate what the total cost of the house would be if the Mills use their talents to do the above mentioned work themselves.

question 2

  1. Draw the network diagram on paper or open this file and save it to your computer as an Excel File).
  2. Calculate the ES, EF.
  3. Show your work on your diagram (later you will be asked to upload the work on Moodle).
  4. Answer the question below: what is the total completion time of the project?
Activity Number Immediate Predecessors Estimated Time [days]
A _ 3
B A 1
C A 2
D B 3
E B 5
F C 2
G D, E 7
H E, F 5
I G, H 8

Can the project be completed in 25 days?

Do the backward calculations (LS, LF) to answer the question above.

Show your calculations on the network diagram.

Select one:



Which activities are on the critical path?

Calculate the slack value to answer the question above.

Show your work on the network diagram.

Select one:









question 3

You have signed a contract to build a garage for the Mills.

You will receive a $300 bonus for completing the project within 25 working days.

The contract also contains a penalty clause in which you will lose $200 for each day the project takes longer than 25 working days.

Draw a project network given the following information.

Complete the forward and backward pass, compute activity slack, and identify the critical path.

Activity Immediate Predecessors Estimated Time [days]
A _ 2
B A 1
C A 1
D A 1
E B 3
F D 6
G E 4
H E,C,F 3
I F 6
J G,H,I 5

What is the project duration?

Do you expect to receive a bonus or a penalty on this project?

Select one:





Which activities are on the critical path?

Select one:












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