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Strayer Univeristy Week 3 Safe Assign and Academic Integrity Discussion


Ethics in Writing

Safe Assign is a measurement of ethical writing. It measures how much of your writing is not your own words and sentences. Writing that is not your words and sentences is also referred to as “unoriginal content.” It is measured by Safe Assign as a percentage of the total words and sentences in your Assignment. For instance, a Safe Assign score of 18% means 18% of the paper was unoriginal content.

Post your response to the following:

  • How can a student avoid their work being flagged by SafeAssign?
  • Can a paper with a high Safe Assign score be reported to Academic Integrity and receive sanctions up to and including expulsion?
  • Go to a page on your selected company’s website, using the Citation Generator, create and post a Source List citation.

Ethics in Business

Have you witnessed unethical practices in the workplace?

  • If so, share your experience with the class and explain how this impacted your perception of the business.
  • If not, find a current example of unethical business practices, share the source, and explain how you would have handled this situation differently.

*Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts. (Respond to a classmate on either part 2)

Respond to this person below.

Catherine McGuire

RE: Week 3 Discussion

Dr. Austin, Dr. Shaw, and Class,

This week’s discussion topic is twofold, split under the headings of ethics in writing and ethics in business. I’m quite excited to address both subjects, as I’ve gained a vast amount of insight and knowledge on these subjects since transferring to Strayer last October (10/20).

First of all, I want to thank Dr. Austin for assigning us the task of reviewing specific documents detailing Strayer’s guidelines for detecting and prosecuting plagiarism, as well as suggesting methods for avoiding plagiarism and/or using unoriginal content. We all need to know the rules in order to best abide by them, so I consider this review to be a healthy exercise.

Ethics in Writing

There are many ways for a student to avoid his or her work from being flagged by Safe Assign. I suggest using one or all of the following strategies for avoiding any suspicion of plagiarism. I always start by using original words articulated through my literary voice. Although an essay or paper may find many incarnations through various drafts, I think it is nearly impossible to duplicate the writing patterns of other authors. CITE YOUR SOURCES. Creative writing means nothing with proper citations and source material. I think it is imperative to learn to learn how to insert in-text citations, as only a few identical words can flag a paper for plagiarism without giving proper credit to outside sources. Quotations should be limited to two or fewer sentences and give credit to its source material with both the author’s name and number on the Source List at the end of the quote, and on a separate Source List page. Be sure to list all of your referenced material on a Source List page, numbering each by its order of appearance in your work. Finally, be careful not to rely upon free plagiarism checkers on the web, as they may not scan using the same criteria as Safe Assign.

Can a paper with a high Safe Assign score be reported to Academic Integrity and receive sanctions up to and including expulsion? Yes, absolutely. According to the “What is Plagiarism?” video, plagiarism a violation of the academic integrity policy, and harsh penalties will most likely result.

Citation Generator example:

No Author. April 14, 2021. AT&T Makes $2 Billion, 3-Year Commitment to Help Bridge the Digital Divide. Https://

Ethics in Business

I have witnessed unethical practices in the workplace, unfortunately more times than I can count. I struggle with this question because I’ve seen varying degrees of unethical practice in nearly every workplace I’ve occupied for the last 19 years, so in lieu of explaining every aggression and violation I’ve witnessed in that span of time, instead I’ll describe the one business in particular which embodied morally compromised leadership and unethical violation. I worked for a small but growing business for 18 months, from the summer of 2016 until winter 2018. I witnessed bullying, hostility and open verbal abuse, a here today-gone tomorrow working environment, nepotism, and sexual indiscretions with the implication that I might be expected to participate in such behaviors. It’s hard to describe the gag rule, but every employee who worked for this company seemed to understand that he or she was not to talk about what happened behind closed doors, and it was a heavy secret to keep. The sad truth about unethical practice is that it affects and infects everyone at that business to some degree; in my case, I became physically ill with a raging thyroid imbalance and worsening case of chronic fatigue. Do I have to mention that I do not think highly of this company? I could go on and on about the toxic environment and imminent destruction that this company brings, however, I choose to move on and gain the type of quality education which offers me improved career options.

Thank you for reading.

– Catherine


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