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University of North Texas Cross Training Importance Analysis Paper


Culture and Decision Making

You will make your submission in Canvas in this module for grading. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a zero. This module will lock at 11:59pm on the due date.


Typically a manager is the person on a team responsible for getting results and getting things done by holding the team members accountable. Most managers will possess a skill set, which includes human skills in communication, conceptual skills to analyze complex situations, and technical skills, which is the ability to apply specialized expertise/knowledge in various situations. At times a manager has to make difficult decisions about employees and the culture. And sometimes so do you.

The Scenario

In this scenario you work for a public relations company called Successful You. The company recently went through an organizational change and your good friend, Shelly Seashell is now your supervisor. Ms. Seashell has decided that she would make an impact on the team by developing a more positive culture throughout her department. Specifically, she has expressed her interest in cross training her department team members so that more people could schedule a vacation because there would be coverage. She never did understand why only one or two people were trained to do a job that several people should be trained to do. Shelly felt this move would help build the team’s morale and help develop a ‘team oriented’ culture.

Because you and Shelly were friends before she got promoted she feels like you are a comrade that she can depend on to support her in the new role and with this new initiative. As expected, some of the team members were resistant to this change and were not interested in ‘learning a new job’. You have overheard the chatter that some people thought Shelly Seashell should not have been promoted at Successful You, and that they are not going to comply with Shelly’s direction. Several teammates have come to you to ask you your opinion on the changes and cross training. One person in particular, Johnny Johnson is expressing withdrawal behavior and is putting pressure on you to resist the change too. You are familiar with this type of behavior and it worries you that his resistance will influence others and negatively impact the positive culture Shelly Seashell is working to create.

Understanding how important this cross training initiative is to Shelly to help build the culture she wants for her team, you are faced with a decision.

Questions to answer based on the scenario

  • Copy the prompts below and provide your answers.

In your own words discuss what you would do based on the following questions. Do address all of the prompts.

  • How will you professionally handle Johnny Johnson’s pressure?
  • How will you help Shelly Seashell realize her vision for her team?
  • Will you discuss the resistance with Shelly or will you keep quiet? Why?
  • Give 3 reasons why you think the cross training of team members is a good or bad idea. Provide examples for each statement.
  • How can you help Shelly Seashell develop a positive culture?


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