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Economic Article Analysis Expectations and OutcomesThe purpose of the economic article assignment is to assess the student’s ability to use critical thinking and analysis to add dimension and perspective (from an economic standpoint) to events that are reported in the news. The outcome of this assignment is to help the student build skills in writing, oral presenting, critical reasoning and creativity.As a graduate student, you are not required to read several news articles and summarize them in a report. That is not analysis nor does that require you to think outside the box, instead, it is re-reporting the news. We want to read about your thinking process and your spin on the topic, not necessarily what a conglomerate of journalists believes on the subject.In order to do this, you must first choose an article that appeals to you. After reading the article you want to choose a particular aspect on the topic/article for your analysis. You can do this in one of many ways. Here are some examples. (Your methodology is not limited to these suggestions; it is intended as a guide.)1. You agree (or disagree) with author. Why or why not? Find data/evidence on your own from as many first-hand sources as possible (non-media based if possible) to back your argument.a.One way to do this is really sit back and think about the authors conclusions. What assumptions does the author make? Are the assumptions true or not? Find data to support or refute. If the author’s assumptions are valid, the author’s conclusions will be valid. The converse is also true.2. See both sides of the issue. Many times, news articles are reported with a bias. For example, the topic is on something the author has a strong negative opinion against and the article gives many reasons why the topic is bad but the article fails to give any reasons that counterbalance the author’s worldview. If the reader is not an expert in the subject and relies on the author’s writings, the reader can inadvertently get a false perception of reality and just assumes the other person “knows what they are talking about”. If you find a topic is overly biased in one direction, look for data and data points that give perspective to the opposing view. Then analyze both sides and form your own conclusions. Remember that with economics there is always a trade-off. Find out what that might be (using data you find) and provide your own explanation.3. Primary and secondary sources of information. Primary (raw data sources) are best. Examples of this would be the Unemployment rate, stock price action, GDP, etc. This type of data is public and can easily be found. Raw data is open to interpretation when you look at several indicators together to form a picture. Providing additional charts/graphs can strengthen or refute the author’s conclusions. Raw data can be used in a very persuasive manner in your analysis. Secondary data is analysis of data that was collected by someone else. You will need to use your critical thinking skills to interpret the validity of this data and this is where art and science merge and it becomes a bit trickier to separate the wheat from the chaff.All of your conclusions through your analysis must be backed with data/evidence you find. These data sources should make up the majority of your reference list. The more references you have, the greater the dimensionality of your analysis.The template we provide is not mandatory. You can choose to use it or not. The categories within the template give ideas of different concepts you can address within your analysis. It is mandatory to use the APA citation format for your in-text citations and references.


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