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NURS 400 Ohio University Warden Four Tasks of Mourning Theory Questions


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1.You are caring for a hospice client who is at the end of life. Based on this client’s signs and symptoms, the client is comatose, dehydrated, free of pain, constipated, without distress and expected to die in a day or two. Which is an appropriate client outcome or an appropriate intervention for this client?

2. Based on the fact that you family unit client is experiencing a situational crisis that has led to dysfunctional communication within the family unit, you have recommended that the entire nuclear family and members of the extended family who live in the family’s home begin family therapy. The grandparents tell you that it is their grandson, rather than their son, who is addicted to prescription pain killers, is the cause of the problem; therefore, they do not have to participate in this group therapy. How should you respond to these grandparents?

3.You are a hospice nurse who, as part of your role, does follow up counseling and care for the significant others of deceased spouses for one year after their loss. Whose theory of grief and loss would you most likely integrate into your practice as you perform this role?

4.You are caring for a group of clients who are adversely affected with phobias. Which form of group therapy will you most likely employ to treat these clients?

5. Select the client religion that is the most pertinent to the role of the admissions coordinator of hospital who assigns the rooms and beds of clients who will be admitted.

6. You are caring for an acute care adult client in the medical unit who has no history of a psychiatric mental health disorder. This 76 year old client has suddenly and abruptly started to exhibit episodic and intermittent periods of time vacillating between periods of impaired cognition and periods of mental clarity. The client reports to you that they are seeing clowns in their room. This client is dehydrated and has just begun taking an anticholinergic medication. Which is the most appropriate nursing diagnosis for this client?

7. You have been conducting a weekly outpatient stress management educational series for clients in the community who are hypertensive. The best way to evaluate the effectiveness of this educational series is to:

8.Which stress management techniques employs deep focused breathing, movement and meditation?

9. You are a home health nurse caring for an elderly client in their home. They have children and grandchildren but they live far from the couple and they typically visit with your clients once to two times a year. The elderly man is beginning to show some of the signs of Alzheimer’s disease dementia. The wife is also 88 years of age and has had a stroke which has left her with left sided weakness, but she is willing to help her husband and to maintain his safety. What kind of support should you give the wife in terms of her role caring for her husband?

10. A therapeutic milieu is:


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