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Strayer University Solicitation vs Conspiracy to Commit a Crime Discussion


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“Solicitation vs. Conspiracy to Commit a Crime”

Part 1: (150 Words)

  • Comparing and Contrasting the required elements of solicitation of another to commit a crime versus the required elements of conspiracy to commit a crime. Using the Internet, find a real-world example of one of the two crimes (either solicitation or conspiracy – your choice) from a news article and please provide the link. Give a brief synopsis of the facts, and then think like a prosecuting attorney – present what crime you would charge the defendant with, and demonstrate how the facts prove each individual element of the crime you have chosen.

Part 2: (150 Words)

  • Respond to the following statement. (This response has nothing to do with the Part 1. This response has to be unique and is its own separate page.)

“I have learned a lot this week about affirmative defenses. The videos posted in the thread really helped me gain an understanding on the differences also. Some of the different affirmative defenses include self-defense, which can only be used when you are defending yourself from harm. A necessity defense can be used if you prove that the crime was committed for the necessity of the safety of you or others. Defense of others can be used if you are committing the crime to protect others from harm as you would protect yourself if in their position. Entrapment defense would be to prove that the police set you up by making you commit a crime that you would have in no other fashion thought to do on your own. An insanity defense would be used if you are not capable of understanding the severity of the crimes that are committed.

The sentence “The defendant is competent to stand trial” means that the defendant is of right mind when the crime was committed.

The case of Jackson v. Indiana what is a 23-year-old who is committed and place an institution for stealing roughly $9 worth of items. I feel that the state did the best that they could in the time 1972 in the limited amount of knowledge that was probably around of people with mental illnesses. I do not agree with how that case went but I believe that at the time it was probably a learning process for everyone.

Link Provided: Jackson v. Indiana 406 U.S. 715 (1972) | Juvenile Competency Attainment Research & Development Center (


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