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Observation of Children Behavior Discussion Paper


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Please read the section of the staff handbook on Observation (pages 23) and PreKindergarten

Guidelines, pages 173-175.
Observe a teacher directed activity with a group of children. If you are observing in the
preschool classroom, try to observe the group time. With younger children this may be an
informal circle, an art project, a music and movement activity, a story (read or told).
Describe the activity.
What did the teacher plan? What was prepared in advance? How was the activity set up?
How did she bring the children to the activity?
How did she manage the group? How did she cue the children about appropriate or
inappropriate behavior?

How did the activity end?
Describe the children’s reactions to the activities.

Observe this child for 30 minutes paying special attention to physical development and
Continue to write exactly what behaviors you see. Write any language you hear from the child
and summarize the teacher’s language.
Running Observation
Start time __________ Finish time __________
Desire Results Developmental Profiles (DRDP) can be found on Canvas in the
Reader/Textbooks Module
Refer to DRDP (Desired Results Developmental Profile) and give specific examples of
Gross locomotor skills
o see PD-HLTH 2:Gross Locomotor Movement Skills – Page 39 of 67 in DRDP which
is posted on Blackboard
Gross manipulative skills
o see PD-HLTH 3:Gross Locomotor Manipulative Skills – Page 40 of 67 in DRDP
which is posted on Blackboard
Select one child that you will observe throughout the semester. You will observe this child
weekly for 30 minutes each week.
Describe this child to me:
Name: ___________________________________________
Birthdate: _________________ Age (years and months): _______________________
Gender: _________________
Date enrolled in center: ___________________
Other Notes: _______________________________________
Child Observation

Fine manipulative skills
o see PD-HLTH 4:Fine Motor Manipulative Skills – Page 41 of 67 in DRDP which is
posted on Blackboard
Active physical play (preschool room only)
o See PD-HLTH 9: Active Physical Play – Page 46 of 67 in DRDP which is posted on
Continue to observe general workings of the classroom as time allows.
Reflection for Week 5
Along with the assignment for the week, please submit a short personal paragraph reflecting
your experience at the center. How did you feel? What did you wonder about? What made
you smile? Whatever you can share on a personal note about how you felt about your first


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