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Troy University Life of Pi 2012 Film Genre Discussion



Life of Pi (2012) dir. Ang Lee

  • Describe
    your genre and the elements, tropes, plots, characters, design, etc.
    that set it apart from other genres. What makes this genre distinct
    from others? Why is this genre important to know and understand? How
    does it relate to other genres or sub genres?
  • Please
    include 3 examples of films that fit this genre or
    categorization. DO
    NOT use Life of Pi (2012) film for your answer to this
    question. You must find three NEW examples of films that fit
    into this genre.
  • Post
    a link to a clip from at least one of your 3 new examples. How does
    this clip showcase the film’s genre?
  • Is
    this a usual genre for you? Why or why not? Are you looking
    forward to watching your chosen film? Are you interested in watching
    any of the other films that correspond with your assigned genre?
  • For
    your reply: You need to read someone the post, watch the clip
    below , and decide if you agree that their example fits their
    assigned genre or not, and explain why.
  • Film:
  • As
    you can tell above, I was assigned Fantasy, which is a sub-genre,
    that could be considered a mix of the main genres, Horror and
    Science-Fiction. Fantasy can also be combined with other
    sub-genres such as the Supernatural and Super-Heroes. Supernatural
    is combined with other genres besides fantasy like comedy, sci-fi,
    or horror that contains subjects of gods/goddesses, ghosts, spirits,
    miracles, and other extraordinary experiences. Superheroes is one of
    the most popular categories of the fantasy genre. It can most often
    be classified as fantasy-action or superhero movies based on
    original comic-strips and characters. Fantasies can often be
    described as taking the audience to otherworldly places with
    imaginative creatures that also contains elements of magic,
    folklore, wonder, escapism, and as said before the extraordinary.
    Fantasies can also classified as fairy tales, sword and sorcery;
    Heroic fantasies that follow the hero on a quest overcoming multiple
    obstacles; and fantasies that are multi-episodic when based on
    Ancient Greek writings or contemporary works. Fantasy is also apart
    of other film categories such as Animation and Children/Family.
    Fantasy in a way is a combination of different genres and sub-genres
    told through films with imaginative events, dreams, or
    hallucinations that are unlikely to occur in real life. It
    transcends the bounds of human possibility and physical laws. For
    instance, three films that fit this genre is Monster House, The
    Avengers, and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Monster House can be
    classified as a Horror/Fantasy about a house that is a living
    creature who wants to harm children. The movie contains elements of
    supernatural like the spirit of Constance coming to life through the
    house that Nebbercracker built, which is seen in the clip. The
    Avengers is a part of the Fantasy genre since it falls under the
    Superhero movies that are based on comic-book characters and
    comic-strips. The Avengers would be considered a fantasy-action that
    is shown through the clip where the Avengers assemble to fight off
    the sci-fi robot dragon and other supernatural bad guys. Finally, in
    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice can be classified as Fantasy/Adventure. It
    is definitely the heroic fantasy and also contains elements of
    fantasies such as mythical creatures (dragons) which is shown in the
    clip, magic, some type of wonder, and escapism. Fantasy is
    definitely not new to me. However, I have not watched the type of
    fantasy films that my teacher is suggesting. For instance, I have
    watched the superhero movies, heroic fantasies, the animation,
    children/family type movies but I have not watched the films that
    are being suggested. I am skeptical of watching my chosen film since
    it is not the usual films that I watch but I am trying to keep an
    open mind. One film that I want to watch in regards to the fantasy
    genre is Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.
  • Monster house clip
  • Avengers clip
  • The Sorcerers Apprentice clip


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