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University of Maryland Global Campus Criminology & Criminal Justice Discussion



1. Research the training requirements for Maryland police department (searching for the State’s POST requirements will help you with find this information)

2. Find 2 areas of training that you think are most valuable for police based on what you read this week, and based on the argument that police do not have good training- share these in the discussion board and tell WHY you think they are most valuable

3. Identify 2 areas where you think training is lacking in terms of how training in these areas would help the current state of police and community relations today and explain WHY you think the training is lacking and HOW training in these areas may improve policing and police/community relations.


What is the meaning of care in the context of the Ethics of Care? How does this concept of care help us to make good moral decisions? Use your knowledge of the Ethics of Care from the readings and examples from your own experience and ethical judgments to make your argument. Be sure to address possible objections to your argument. 250 WORDS, cite sources


1. The term “theory” is often used in everyday conversation essentially to mean “a wild guess.”

This is not how the term is used by scientists.

Discuss at least one example to illustrate the distinction. (short answer)

You may use the Internet, textbook, etc. to find information – but please explain or summarize in your own words.

2. Many people confuse velocity and acceleration.

Give an example (not out of the book or from the Internet) that illustrates the difference between velocity and acceleration. (short answer)

3. Give your own example (not out of the book or from the Internet) that illustrates each of

Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion. (short answer)

Please explain or summarize in your own words.


  • net force
  • acceleration
  • velocity
  • friction
  • terminal velocity
  • dynamic equilibrium

Research each of these concepts and then provide an example of your own that illustrates Dynamic Equilibrium (your example must be directly related to forces and motion).


Authority and Legitimacy in Plato’s Republic. Explore how Plato legitimizes the authority of his Ideal State. Do Plato’s citizens in his ideal state have a moral obligation to obey the law, or a duty of allegiance? How does this compare to moral obligations to obey the law today? Use your knowledge of the readings and Plato, as well as your own experiences and ethical judgments to make your arguments. Make sure to address possible objections to your arguments. 250 words mla format


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