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AU Approaches to Improve Accessibility of University Websites Research Paper


FINAL PAPER: This 10 page research paper will enable you to pursue a specific topic related to the digital age in which you have personal interest. It may be some aspect we have studied in class or one we have not studied. Your assignment is to write research brief on the topic. This assignment is worth 80 points.

My digital communication topic: Approaches to Improve Accessibility of University Websites

I already wrote 6 page and require 4 more pages. The mainly content that should be added are: Literature Review II & III, Analysis of II&III and Conclusion, (which are highlighted in the paper). Please read my outline (with highlighted) before add these content. The outline includes the main content and useful references!

A research brief summarizes the state of the current research on a given topic and also provides some recommendations about what actions might be beneficial for your target audience. You can choose your target audience for this paper – it might be your current employer in which case you would summarize the topic and make specific recommendations to improve practices or if your topic does not apply, you can think about writing for the public and making recommendations that are beneficial for society.

Introduction: Your paper should begin with a short introduction that explains why the topic you have chosen is important and interesting and forecasts the main argument of the paper. Your introduction should also provide a clear roadmap of what you will present in your paper.

Literature Review: The main body of your paper should be organized conceptually using APA heading styles. Include at least three sections with three or four studies in each section. Each section should have a key point, argument, or finding that is supported by the studies you choose. Refer back to your final paper outline to keep your ideas organized. Make sure each section has a brief introduction and conclusion that summarizes the main findings in that section.

For each study that you include, say a few words about how the study was conducted and then give the results of the study. Be sure to link the main finding to the key point of that section. Make sure you use transitions between studies to show how they relate to each other.

Analysis/Recommendations: The final section of your paper should be a summary and analysis of the state of the literature. What do we know about your topic based on the literature taken as a whole? This summary is the main argument of your paper. It is a statement about what we know based on the literature. Review the main points in a few paragraphs. You may also want to consider pointing out any shortcomings of the studies. Following this review, you should a few paragraphs about the implications of the research and findings for communication practitioners working in this topic area. Based on what we know, what would you recommend as action steps that communication practitioners can use to improve the situation? What would you say to someone who is working in this area? (Note: This section is worth the most points in the final paper.)

Conclusion: Include a conclusion paragraph where you restate the main points of your paper.

Make sure your paper makes a clear argument, and that you forecast that argument in the introduction and restate it in the conclusion. Remember to cite all claims using APA format. Attach a cover sheet and abstract. The abstract should summarize the main argument. See the documents for guidelines on how to write a final paper and the final paper rubric to learn how you will be graded on your assignment.

The writing style for this assignment should be less technical and academic and more general. Think about your target audience. The key skill you should have from this is being able to apply empirical research findings to a situation or problem you might encounter at work. You must learn how to translate these findings into language that is understandable for your target audience, which may very well be others who are not well versed in research.

Your assignment should include:

  • APA style title page
  • Abstract
  • Main text
  • Reference list


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