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Cypress College Incorporating Ted Talk Assignments Into Public Speaking Course Essay


I would like to extend to you, my
hard-working and brilliant students, this opportunity to reflect on our
English 1 web online summer course and the work you have accomplished by
sharpening your critical thinking skills and engaging in various
arguments about our commercialized food systems, food access, food
deserts, farming, and our “food webs” – which all begin with the health
of the soil itself and economic health and wellbeing of all of our

As you work on this end-of-the-term
persuasive essay, examining your progress in our course, consider how
you benefit from this self-reflection as a writer and a critical
thinker. But remember that I also benefit. I often would come to the end
of the summer intersession wondering despairingly, “What did we
accomplish?” After reading your reflections, I would create new lessons
and sharpen my own approach to class discussions and symposiums that
will carry to many semesters to come.

For you, my dear students, it provides a
way of thinking about language arts skills that gives a bigger picture
to your understanding of your progress in our course. My goal for you to
address the class as a whole. I understand that reflection of any kind
is often difficult for students, and teachers’ demands for reflection
can be vague and frustrating. While this persuasive essay is also
reflective, it has a very direct and business-like tone.

This, I hope, will offer you the great
benefits of an assignment that elegantly combines reflection,
persuasion, review, craft and detail, and the course evaluation. As you
craft your reflection, provide supporting details and examples to make
your reflection not only convincing but, most importantly, honest.

Length: at least 3-4 pages + incorporate at least one TED Talk I posted in this module

Here are some of the questions that will help you brainstorm and write this reflective essay:

  • Based on the quality of your writing
    and the quality of the academic work you submitted for our English 1
    online class, what grade do you think you deserve in our course this
    intersession and why?
  • How did your writing improve (support your answer with specific examples)?
  • What new concepts you’ve learned about?
  • What editing skills you’ve mastered?
  • What lessons or discussions or TED Talks you’ve thought were useful and why?
  • What writing prompts and revision techniques you found particularly valuable and why?
  • What reading and writing habits you have developed or changed?
  • What you’ve learned from the class overall?
  • What are some challenges,
    difficulties, and hardships you’ve overcome or are working to overcome
    this intersession? How can what you learned help others?
  • What motivates you when you are the most productive academically?
  • What is something you accomplished this intersession that you’re proud of?
  • What advice would you give yourself three years ago? Three years from now?


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