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TCOM 2010 ALU Attack on The US Outpost in Benghazi Libya Memorandum


For our next adventure, we will be exploring Email Scandals: The drama, embarrassment, and legal ramifications of misusing email in the professional and political world.

Your Tasks:

1. Review and Research the list of scandals below (or any others you know of that relate to email ) and consider, question, and take notes about the ONE scandal you would like to explore.

2. Find at least TWO other sources about your scandal– try to find polarized opinions on the scandal (i.e. NYTimes vs Breitbart, CNN vs. Fox, etc) Regardless of your own opinion, the task requires that you have an objective view (bipartisan) This will require using various news sources and will also require the elimination of subjective language from your writing.

3.Examine your research to Understand the Scandal– Make specific notes to organize your information as follows:

  • Identify the problem/conflict- Create a summary/overview of the problem.
  • Identify the Players and each individual background story – Write a character analysis of each to include: Background of the individual (Positions held, Fame/Notariety, etc.), and their relevance to the scandal,
  • Identify the consequence/impact/significance of the scandal on society/business/for your future – consider ethics vs. legality
  • Summarize your findings.

4. Write a report in MEMO format of your findings. For this assignment, your memo is a report and will be longer than one page. Use the bulleted items above for your bold paragraph or section headings. Remember to include an introduction and a conclusion separate from those bold headings (introductions and conclusions do NOT have bold paragraph headings).

Important: You are required to maintain an objective/neutral political stance on the scandal. This is not an opportunity for political debate but for evaluating the ethical considerations of these situations.

5. Please use MLA documentation style for your in-text citations and Works Cited page formatting. See OWL Purdue for guidance.

6. Post your Email Scandal Report NOT as an attachment – instead, please post a copy of your report (copy/paste your report) into the text box of a new thread

7. Review and respond to TWO of your classmates’ reports in the discussion board- please review scandals other than what you yourself researched. Notice you will have time to complete the evaluations beyond the due date of this report. Your response should comment on the overall issue and the consequence/outcome as well as the formatting– heading, structure (intro, body, conclusion), paragraph or section bold headings, bullets or numbers as applicable.

Important Reminders:

The report should be in memo format

The report should include the following bold paragraph/section headings (you may have more): Problem Analysis, Character Analysis, Outcome/Impact/Consequence Analysis, Summary of Scandal

The report should additionally include an introduction and a conclusion.

List of Scandals:

NOTE: The links below provide ONE source. You will need TWO additional sources for your scandal project.

Govenor Christie



General Petraeus

Michael Brown EPA

The Hawks

Anthony Weiner/ Huma Abendine Social Media/ Huma Abedin


Hilary Clinton Overview Hilary Clinton Apology – Hilary ClintonPersonal Email for Government Business – Legal?

Lois Lerner 32,0000 IRS

Jon Podesta Hack and Wikileaks

Miss America

Donna Brazile

Bruce Ohr

Fast and Furious

Chicago Water Sex Scandal

BP Oil, Miami Dolphins, Bank of America, White House, USB Warbug, Piper, Veterans Affairs

College Cheating Scandal

Donald Trump Junior

Michigan Govenor Emails

Nashville Bars Emails

Dr. Fauci Emails

If you have another in mind, please obtain instructor approval before you begin.

Important Reminder: You are required to maintain an objective/neutral political stance on the scandal. This is NOT an opportunity for political debate but for evaluating the ethical considerations of these situations.


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